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These courses focus on developing your practical scientific skills and relating scientific knowledge to your everyday life.  We hope you will develop an increased awareness of science and its importance in our lives. Given these are internal courses they are not suitable for those students intending to go on to university, but more for those students who need level 1 science and no higher.

Each semester course covers 8 science credits.
If you are doing a full year of science it is recommend you take biology with physical and material science. This will also get you 4 literacy and numeracy credits.

Applied Biological Science covers micro-organisms and plant propagation.
90950 - Investigate biological ideas relating to interactions between humans and micro-organisms. 4 credits.
90923 - Demonstrate knowledge of basic plant propagation techniques. 4 credits (literacy).
Applied General Science covers life processes and astronomy.
90949 - Investigate life processes and the environmental factors that affect them. 4 credits.
90954 - Demonstrate understanding of the effect of astronomical cycles. 4 credits (literacy).
Applied Physical and Material science covers metals and heat.
90943 - Investigate implications of heat for everyday life. 4 credits (numeracy).
90946 - Investigate the implications of the properties of metals for their use in society. 4 credits.

Course workbooks.
You have two choices here. If you are doing 2 or more applied science course, it is recommended you by 'Achieving science' (available from school). This book covers 5 of the 6 standards available in the applied course.
If you are only doing one semester, then it is recommended you purchase the Scipad books for the relevant standards, also available from the school.