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Junior Activity Week 

AS 91341 Develop a spatial design through graphics practice

Below is the AS 91341 Assessment Brief for the Doc Hut or Garage Conversion. Choose which design you wish to do. The brief must be read carefully and understood prior to undertaking the individual tasks. 
Doc Hut
Garage Conversion

Task 1 - Title Page
Create a title page. Include:

.   Achievement Standard number
.   title of standard
.   your name

Task 2 - Initial Research

Investigate Brief/Specifications
(check your brief above)
Write down your Brief (What are you making and who for?)
Write down the Specifications (what you need to include)

Further specifications:
What else do you need to include? e,g,number of bedroom(s), kitchen, toilet, living/socialising areas, deck

Garage Conversions Regulations:
Important facts about minor dwellings
Get right consents

Doc Hut Regulations: (see brief)
Back Country Huts
Building Code Back Country
Building Regulations

Task 3 - Research existing Minor Dwelling ideas:

Find images of minor dwellings that appeal to you from the following list:
.   garage conversions / apartments
.   sleepouts
.   micro houses
.   small spaces NZ

and comment on:
.    why you chose it
.    what you like/dislike
.    the looks (aesthetic) and/or
.    how it works (function)

Some sites to look at:
under 50 sqm
under 30 sqm
internet search - designers of small spaces
check out books and scan images

Existing Doc Huts in NZ - choose 6 to look at - show the inside and outside images
Department of Conservation

Task 4 - Research existing Space Saving ideas:

Make a collage of images of space saving ideas, e.g. fold away beds, storage, etc.
Look on Pinterest as well as Google.
Find images that appeal to you and comment on:
.    why you chose it
.    what you like/dislike
.    the looks (aesthetic) and/or
.    how it works (function):

Task 5 - Site Analysis
Research the Social Environment

Use Google My Maps to get a view of where the garage/doc hut is to be located.
(you can use your own garage or pick a house in Auckland with a single/double garage).

Zoom in on the garage and use the line tool to shade the garage with a colour
also shade the area of garden you will use (highlight with a different colour).

Put a birds eye view image of your site onto a new Site Plan page .

So you can draw everything to scale you will need to make a rough sketch of the site and put on the exact measurements of the size of the:
-  garage and its location on the site
-  garage land area
-  site + road
-  house and its location on the site

Task 6 - Garage Evaluation
Research the social Environment 
exploring and refining design ideas that draw on spatial design knowledge

Research garages
Versatile Garages
Skyline Garages

What type of garages are there?
What sizes are they : h x w and sqm
What is it made of?
Where are the doors, windows, etc?

Find a picture of your garage and a floor plan that best matches the size of your garage
Copy and paste it onto your Site Plan page.

Task 7 - Site Plan

Draw a site layout to scale  (see below on how to do this)
.  Use your dimensions to accurately draw everything on the side to scale
.  Show what other buildings, trees, fences, etc. are nearby?
.  Show what land is available and its uses
.  Access to the site
.  Show where the sun rises and sets
.  Where is the prevailing wind
.  What street(s) are nearby?
.  Show North

Comment on what things you will need to consider about the Site:
state something about what might be required to meet the following :
-  What views/sun will you get and how will this affect your design?
‐ How do people move in, out and around the building
‐ Exterior spaces and their use
‐ Climate , sun direction, solar power, rainfalls
‐ Building materials
‐ Possible landscape design
- Possible regulations you have to meet?
- How does staying in these small spaces differ staying in larger spaces?

Doc Hut - what is the landscape like, scenery, access, etc.

Scale and Size
Some links to help you understand about drawing to scale

Basic Maths.com
Drawing a floor plan to scale

Task 8 - Research Minimalist Architecture
how can I make my building visually appealing?

Look at the following architects and choose one that you like
Make a collage of 2/3 designs
Say what is the key inspiration of the Architect
Describe their style

Critically acclaimed minimalist architects:

Task 9 - Initial ideas - one page
-  Look back at your small places research and using a minimalist architect as inspiration, think  
    about how to make the garage visually appealing
-  sketch a variety of thumbnail ideas of the exterior
-  sketch any inspiring ideas for the interior layout
These are just quick sketches to capture your initial ideas and thoughts. You can develop them further in your concepts.

Task 10 - Conceptual Drawings
making design judgements on the positive and/or negative aspects of aesthetic and functional features of the design in response to the brief.

Sketch 3 different concepts showing:

:   of the floor plan using bubbles (circles/elipses) to show how the different living areas could be set out inside the building (think of the social interaction).

Exterior: Develop your initial ideas with elevation concept drawings to show how you will make the garage visually appealing. Show the different views.
You can include some construction detail.

Outside: Sketch different concepts of how the layout of your exterior area could be visually appealing. (deck, paths, trees, etc.)

What sustainable feature could you include in your design? (see research below)

include the human figure (body) to show the scale and ergonomics of the building.

Comment on the positive and negative of the asethetics and function.
What have you done and why?
How can you make the next concept better?

Task 11 - Further research

As you think about your concepts, use the links below to get some useful information about the practical things you need to know about when designing somewhere for people to live:

Heating a Home
Solid Fuel Heating
How Solar Panels Work
How Wind Turbines Work
Solar King NZ
Collecting and using Rainwater

Exterior Materials

Task 12 - Development
reviewing and refining design ideas that incorporate spatial design knowledge
.  making design judgements on relevant features of the design, in response to the brief, that inform the progression of design ideas.

Choose one concept to develop
Analyse your concept and comment on what issues you have to solve.
Think about how to make it more visually appealing as well as improve its functionality:

.   floorplan and planametric drawings of the inside layout
.   elevations showing sides of the garage
.   form - aesthetics of how it looks e.g. develop style, windows/doors,materials
.   spatial - function improvements e.g. where things are
.   show refined site layout
.   material refinement
.   use construction detail - how will the structure of the building be effective in holding it up?
.  place the building on site (photo montage)

Task 12  Final Drawing

Task 13 - Evaluation

Some links to help you understand about drawing to scale...
Some links to help you understand about drawing to scale...