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Junior Activity Week 

Handstand forward roll 

Initiate by kicking to handstand. As the handstand falls forward bend your arms round your upper back and roll out. Maintaining pressure and keeping an extended rounded body will allow for a controlled smooth roll.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the cues for a handstand

Lesson Outline:

  • Safety
  • Headstand
  • Handstand against wall (chest to wall)
  • Handstand technical steps: 
          From a lunge position, kick up to a handstand and hold. Once you have control, fall forward keeping your arms and legs straight as you roll out. Return to a standing position.


Spotters are on the sides holding the legs, making sure weight is not directly on neck and supporting students from hurting themselves.

Donkey Kick

The donkey kick is essentially a two legged jump into a handstand. It helps you learn how to limit your movement and how to get your hips up and above your shoulders.

To perform a donkey kick:

  • Stand with your feet together and your hands above your head.
  • Bend your legs and reach your arms to the floor, placing your hands flat on the ground.
  • Balance your weight over your arms and with both feet, jump your hips up and over your shoulders. Remember to keep your feet together and concentrate on getting your hips in-line with your shoulders.
  • Once your hips are in line with your shoulders, kick your legs out of the tuck.

The focus of this exercise is the positioning of the hips. Once the hips are in line with the shoulders, the entire body can balance in a vertical line.

Pony Kick

Just as the donkey kick teaches you to get your hips above your shoulders, the pony kick teaches you how to kick up into the handstand properly.

  • Stand with your legs slightly apart with one in front of the other. Keep your hands above your head with your arms straight.
  • Step on your front leg and place your hands on the ground.
  • Kick your back leg up into the air and have your front leg meet it. Try to line-up your body in a straight plane.