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Junior Activity Week 
​Lesson 3: Emotional Changes During Puberty

 ​Lesson 3 Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson: 
-          Students will be able to identify emotional changes at puberty

-          Students will be able to understand that puberty affects individuals at different times and in different ways.

Activity: Write 1-5 down your page in your puberty document/presentation
Name the following parts of the male reproductive system
Write 1-5 down your page again and name the following parts of the female reproductive organ.

          -Write down 3 physical changes for males and briefly explain.
          -Write down 3 physical changes for females and briefly explain.
Emotional Changes During Puberty
Activity:  Puberty Changes Diagram
-Work in groups of 3-4
-Your teacher will give your group a piece of A3 paper
-You must draw an outline of a male and female body as shown below. Make sure you draw them big enough to be able to write inside.
1. Draw pictures and write words on the INSIDE on the body to explain the PHYSICAL changes that each gender goes through during puberty
2. Discuss with your group some emotional changes that you believe we go through during puberty. Once you have discussed write down your EMOTIONAL changes on the OUTSIDE of the body.
3. Your should each take a picture of your groups diagram and insert it into your puberty document/presentation.
​In your puberty document/presentation insert a table like the one shown below.

Using the following list of physical and emotional changes place the changes under the correct tittle in your table. One has been done for you as an example.
True/False Puberty Quiz
On a space piece of paper or in your puberty document/presentation write 1-15 down page