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Warm Up Activities
Games Sense

Lesson two: Introduction to the court: Gym based:

Specific Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this student will be able to:

  • Describe in general terms the main components a badminton player needs in order to play badminton including equipment, rules, officials and skills
  • Demonstrate how to correctly hold a badminton racket.
  • Demonstrate how to correctly hold a badminton shuttle.
Lesson Outline:
  • Establish Safe practice ground rules
  • Game Sense Approach (What do we need to know to play Badminton)
  • Look at how to hold the racket and shuttle correctly
  • Practice making contact with the shuttle while it is static

Skill based Warm up

  • Get straight into your skills based warm up.

  • Holding the Racket and Shuttle correctly

    The Forehand Grip:

    · How you should hold a badminton racket is like shaking hand with a friend: a normal but firm handshake without trying to crush his fingers. See the following diagram for a Forehand Grip:

    Check Points for the Forehand Grip: (Teaching Points)

    · A (V) is formed by the thumb and index finger on the top edge of the racket handle

    · The fingers are slightly spread along the handle and not bunched together like a fist

    · The index finger is higher up the handle than the thumb

    The Backhand Grip:

    · The Backhand Grip is slightly different with the thumb moving to run parallel with that handle as shown in this diagram

    Check Points for the Backhand Grip: (teaching points)

    · The thumb should be resting on the flat side of the handle of the racket and it should be higher up the handle than the index finger

    · A player should press hard with the thumb and they will feel the tremendous amount of leverage you can now exert against the handle and therefore against the backhand face of the racket.


    Holding the Shuttle correctly

    · Holding the shuttle correctly is an important first step to learning how to serve correctly.

    · The player should hold the shuttle out at shoulder height, pinching the weighted base between their thumb and forefinger.



    Lesson Conclusion

    · Talk through what we have learnt in today’s lesson

    1. What we need to do and know to play badminton game sense approach
    2. How do we correctly hold a badminton racket
    3. How do we correctly hold the shuttle before we serve

    · From here everyone is to place away neatly

    1. the nets, 2.the net poles, 3.the rackets, 4.the shuttles

    · One student is nominated to check that all the gear is accounted for (Gear list is to be given to this student)

    · Don’t forget diary entries for today.

    · Students get changed and move to next class.