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Junior Activity Week 
Group Performance

- Great Balls of Fire

- Have I told you lately

 - Kiss the Girl

 - Malaguena (Instrumental)

 - Oh Pretty Woman

 - Spinning Wheel

 - Under the Boardwalk
 - Killer Joe 

Group Performance Unit Outline
Yr 10 group Performance
Great Balls for Fire Sheet music
Great balls of fire - Full Score
Great balls of fire - Voice
Great balls of fire - Alto Saxophone
Great balls of fire - Clarinet in Bb
Great balls of fire - Drum Kit
Great balls of fire - Flute
Great balls of fire - Guitar
Great balls of fire - Piano
Great balls of fire - Tenor Saxophone
Great balls of fire - Bass
Have I told you lately Sheet music
Have I told you lately - Full Score
Have I told you lately - Alto Saxophone
Have I told you lately - Bass
Have I told you lately - Clarinet in Bb
Have I told you lately - Drum Kit
Have I told you lately - Flute
Have I told you lately - Guitar
Have I told you lately - Piano
Have I told you lately - Tenor Saxophone
Have I told you lately - Parts
Kiss the Girl sheet music
Kiss the Girl - Full Score
Kiss the Girl - Acoustic Guitar
Kiss the Girl - Alto Saxophone 1
Kiss the Girl - Alto Saxophone 2
Kiss the Girl - Bass Guitar
Kiss the Girl - Conga
Kiss the Girl - Drum Set
Kiss the Girl - Piano
Kiss the Girl - Tenor Saxophone
Malaguena Sheet music
Malaguena - Full Score
Malaguena - Bass Guitar
Malaguena - Conga
Malaguena - Drums
Malaguena - Guitar
Malaguena - I (Alto Sax)
Malaguena - II (Alto Sax)
Malaguena - III (Tenor Sax)
Malaguena - Piano
Oh Pretty Woman Sheet Music
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Full Score
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Alto Saxophone
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Clarinet in Bb
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Drum Kit
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Bass Guitar
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Flute
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Piano
Oh Pretty Woman 2014 - Treble
Oh Pretty Woman Guitar
Oh Pretty Woman - Treble - 2014-11-20 1520 - Treble
Spinning Wheel sheet music
Spinning Wheel - Full Score
Spinning Wheel - Acoustic Guitar
Spinning Wheel - Alto Saxophone 1
Spinning Wheel - Alto Saxophone 2
Spinning Wheel - Bass Guitar Tab
Spinning Wheel - Bass Guitar
Spinning Wheel - Drum Kit
Spinning Wheel - Guitar
Spinning Wheel - Piano
Spinning Wheel - Tenor Saxophone
Under the Boardwalk sheet music
Under the boardwalk - Full Score
Under the boardwalk - Acoustic Guitar Tab
Under the boardwalk - Acoustic Guitar
Under the boardwalk - Alto Saxophone
Under the boardwalk - Bass Guitar Tab
Under the boardwalk - Bass Guitar
Under the boardwalk - Clarinet in Bb
Under the boardwalk - Conga
Under the boardwalk - Drum Kit
Under the boardwalk - Flute
Under the boardwalk - Keyboard
Under the boardwalk - Piano
Under the boardwalk - Tenor Saxophone
Killer Joe sheet music
Killer Joe - Full Score
Killer Joe - Acoustic Guitar
Killer Joe - Alto Saxophone 1
Killer Joe - Alto Saxophone 2
Killer Joe - Bass Guitar
Killer Joe - Drum Kit
Killer Joe - Piano
Killer Joe - Tenor Saxophone
Media Gallery:
Great Balls ...
1 media item
Have I told ...
2 media items
Killer Joe
1 media item
Kiss the girl
1 media item
Oh Pretty Woman
1 media item
Spinning Wheel
1 media item
2 media items