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PE Info for all students

Information for PE Students


These are the areas to get changed and meet for each venue …
Enter through the main doors, get changed in the gym changing rooms and then meet in front of the board..
Get changed in the gym changing rooms then meet on the seating outside the gym.
Get changed in the gym and meet on the seating outside the gym.
No need to get changed.  Wait outside the gym classroom, check the board for directions or wait until the teacher directs you where to go.

•    NOTE: when lining up please don't crowd the hallway, keep close to the wall to allow others through. 

•    Years 9-10 wear a set PE uniform consisting of red shorts and either house t-shirt or green sports shirt.  This is compulsory for Years 9-10.  •    Appropriate sports clothing and footwear must be worn to PE at all times (including mufti days). •    If students need to wear an alternative PE uniform, they must provide a note in. Denim jeans or singlet tops are not appropriate for physical activities.  This is still counted as incorrect PE gear.
•    Hats are compulsory for Years 9 in Terms 1 and 4 (teachers be a good example and wear your hats too please!).  Hats are encouraged for all other PE classes.
•    Years 11-13 may wear tidy and appropriate mufti for PE. 

•    Students are given 5 minutes to arrive and get changed from their previous class.  Failure to do so will ensure you are recorded as late on the absence system.

•    One warning, then 1 demerit issued each time CORRECT PE gear is not worn. If a note is provided, then this will not count as incorrect gear.  This is renewed each term. 
•    No gear / incorrect gear is counted for Homework grade on reports.  

•    These need to be brought to every class, in case the teacher would like to write notes home, and to show explanation notes.

•    If for any reason (i.e. you are sick or injured) you are unable to do PE, you must bring a note, signed by parents/caregivers, explaining why you are unable to participate, to be excused from the lesson.
•    If an injury or illness is ongoing, your teacher may require a letter from your doctor to explain this.
•    When you bring a note to explain yourself, you may be asked to help the teacher for the lesson.  You must also bring pen and paper in case work is given to you for that lesson.

•    Please remember to take care of all our facilities.  Any damage from you or your class that is found throughout the year will result in your class being withdrawn from that facility for an unspecified period.
•    Equipment needs to be respected.  Any damage which happens needs to be reported to your teacher so that it can be repaired or replaced.  All gear must be left alone, unless authorised by a staff member.
•    Do not enter gear rooms unless instructed to by a teacher – these are otherwise out of bounds.

Weights Room:
Members will need a change of clothes, sports shoes, towel and water bottle.  Access will be restricted to these times only so that staff can assist students with their training programmes and provide a safe training environment. 
We would like to encourage all Year 11-13 students to take up the opportunity to use the weights room on a regular basis.  Any questions, please see HOF

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