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WAD notes from Orewa Conference

Welcome from Kate Shevland (Principal)

Opening address from Nikki Kay

Select committee report, Government enquiry for Learning Outcomes for students. 
Deliver report, cross party agreement. 
8 months in the making
Basic agreement that changes are needed in range of areas
Associate minister of education 
Specifically digital literacy (plus property and transport portfolio)
Best tools in world, connect better. 
Lots of amazing innovations
We can see across the country – schools and principals moving faster than govt
Fast things are moving. Huge power of social change especially in challenging areas. 
Report acknowledges libraries in NZ
Proud history of innovation in education
Govt has to respond to report by mid april
What needs to be in place now? Later? 
Making investments now (SNUP,UFB, N4L) – but more required in other areas. 
We can innovate as govt. 
All this is well and good but it will come down to great leaders. 
300 attendees today that believe in this vision. Need to communicate this to community and parents around the country. 
This innovation is exciting as it will lead to increase in economy etc. 
I will move quickly to support you in this. 
Thanks for your leadership in this area. 

Kate Shevland
When presenting to select committee really impressed Nikki had actually done the readings etc. 

Session 1 – Leadership Mark Quickly/ Tony?

Drivers of this process
Flipped approach – hopefully you have looked through info

How we learn?
What we value?

Elearning environments
Knowledge acquistition, deepening, creation

Learning not e-learning
Promised BYOD etc but didn’t deliver. 
Why aren’t you doing things different? Students are not bringing?
Double teaching, feeding back from both staff and students
Pods? More labs? Couldn’t deliver. 

Approach - Everything sits inside whare model

Perfect storm – UFB, enterprise wifi, ipad? (best tech)

Whatever whenever whoever
Anywhere anyplace anytime

Need before doing…
tech to make it work – reliable, work
4TB of data
1800 devices on network
asking teachers to come out of comfort zone – need safety and reliability 
Staff common vision of school and teaching and learning
Culture of learning and willingness to move ahead. 
Good pastoral system – digital citizenship
Support at all levels
Parent body willing to listen and prepared to adapt – lots of meetings

Strategic plan/vision – done on the fly, Build while flying (video)
Don’t know what we don’t know. 

3 years of BYOD
8, 9, 10 
other senior groups 50%
year 7s about 70%

Struggle for machine – loan netbook, pick up drop off. Belongs to them. Same machine. Don’t look after as much if own. 9 out of 1000 students. 
Out of 300 students – 2 or 3 kids on loan
Other loan when getting repaired. 
Netbooks? Cheaper and not appealing
Device lust has diminished.
Lockers? Thought we would. Esp PE not worthwhile. Left in bag. 
Wireless and UFB key infrastructure 
Simple connection to the wireless – zero tech support 
Top 5 users are slowed down 
Some high users removed access – limited to ultranet
Students are not allowed to charge devices at school at all !!!
Apple TV – not working across enterprise wireless. Clunky at the moment
Devices cannot see each other – security
Prefer invisible tech – see ISOMETRIC
No updates on network – how do you limit?
Students get 1MBps, some slowed down 128k
Labs dying off. Keep library only. Discuss specialist areas later. 
Learning in the hands of students
Pockets of good teachers – want to go whole school change
The average norm position for teacher is moving

Biggs and collies model
Students - Creating their own understanding
Creates time for higher level
Knowledge is a noun not it is a verb
As content now as process (gilbert 2005)

75% students in support
some student mastered the old model
perfect girls vs disengaged boys
students can’t be passive anymore
engagement - puts more demands on them
have to work harder

formal written assement tasks and exams?
Same testing tool

PD budget $$$ invest  - TIME hardly anything on going out to course etcs
Whole day out, capable of getting a degree then read and research
Groups of people in school time. 
Every tues meetings

Tech intergration stages SAMR guideing development
Ruben puentedura

4 Stages to Integration
1. Substitution: technology acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional change.
2. Augmentation: technology acts as a direct tool substitute with functional improvement.
3. Modification: technology allows for significant task redesign.
4. Redefinition: technology allows for the creation of new tasks, 
previously inconceivable.


Yes use it all
LMS ultranet (default then link off), facebook, twitter, tumblr
Maintain intellectual property, teacher leaves retain access

Learning spaces 
Half empty classrooms – kids outside lying around the place
Ultranet – teacher led space, looking for students to maintain own learning blogs etc
PortFolio – teachers have viewing

Ipads best device then, android catching up, windows 8 
Not sure about labs
Senior levels – buy a device that suits them better personalise device
No saving on servers
Personal cloud solution – no mandated way, negotiated


NCEA vs negotiated learning 
How are we going to fit into rigid assessment system?
Internals vs externals
Freedom vs rigidity
Still doing pen and paper asessments 
No damage – boys improved

Session 2 - Pastoral (Linda Rubens Y10 dean)

Discipline regarding 1:1 device
Laptop, projector, don’t print
I came in thinking I was IT literate
Get on the bus or get left behind. 
Lecture - Not used to teaching this method…

Distraction the ipads offer
Far more attractive than previous distractions
How to focus activity?

You are still master of your class. 

Physical environment - very important
Sweeping the room constantly 
Laptops up – Great divide – on outside
Easy access to screens
Very little time behind desks
Group work and collaboration
Outside the room
Look to maximise view of room. 
Take the back out of seat – hairdressers stool – down at their level

What I would like the room to look like?
Focussed work spaces

Start with devices away or closed
Eye to eye expectations for lesson
Double click on home button and clear apps at start of lesson
Random swoops – hands off devices, double click, check history
Vigilance is key – don’t let up, don’t move away from lesson, keep your self engaged

Slow to start…
Digital natives? Not really. 
Screenagers - Knew facebook and games
File managment very poor
Start of year – time to setup devices and explain how things work

Truly have a differentiated classroom
Plan well ahead?
Need a LMS like Ultranet
Not HW but prep before your lesson
Never underestimate 'the human touch' – still want reinforcement

Top students - do the prep, understand etc. Still want affirmation. 
Start at point of least understanding
No homework – only prepping 
Change mindsets

I have found…
Full engagement
Quiet, settled class
Emailing work: submission and resubmission
Blogs, Twitter, Google+ (wordpress, link to twitter)
2 twitter accounts – personal for like minded teachers, another for classroom use (locked no access from outside of class)

Students very happy to do resubmission – no essays in bin

Separated school email from marking email
Students have to setup easily ID email (for life)

Use what works for you – don’t be easily distracted

Form classes…
Form teacher must buy into BYOD concept
This time is used for managing and setting up devices
Digital citizenship – curriculum for classes, assemblies

Form class basics (8:35 – 9:00am)
Setting up school based ipad – all students have school screen 
Keynote etc, calendar etc all school apps on one screen
Our school draft protocol – stays in draft mode due to changing
Eg damage from other students – eg accidental accident in school vs mcdonalds
Put into keynote in teen speak
Pastoral ideas for BYOD school. 
Email out documents 

Lot of time spent
Random visits

Do you have rights?
Put it away
I will keep it save return after lesson
Beyond that SLT

School owns network

1:1 rules
Off task: one week off the school net
Teacher must enter this on Kamar 
Next offense: loss of iPad for a week (keep it home)
Many parents would say I don’t know etc. No you are the parent – take responsibility
Impacts school life AND social life

Maybe a bit heavy handed. 

Y 10
Impositions – responsible use document
Walled garden – ultranet only
Off the net
Ipad at home
Top 5% slowed down (128k)

Why don’t you block facebook?
Digital citizenship – expensive – mobile data

Major offenses…
Facebook, Tumblr?
Inappropriate filming?- Camera use is only under teacher direction and/or supervision
Using another student's log in while banned from the net Calculator – hidden files

Keep parents informed
Meetings before implementing BYOD – small groups
Phone calls home
Parents' information evening mid term: empower them
iPad basics: night classes for parents (wanted absolute basics)
Email regarding use of social networks
Parents power over the device

Examples on slides

No one forgot how to hand write. Very happy with results.

Guest speaker
Brett lee Australia cyber bullying
3 sessions parents students staff

No problems with theft
Some stations available for storage
PE bins for storage
Only breakage

Activity at lunch?
Y7-8 ipads stay in classroom

Policy charged before school. 
Battery should last. Laptops not so reliable. 
Run out – use paper

Session 3 – Speed Sessions

1. Students

Maths – maths buddy, prefer to use pen and paper
Can’t just ask teacher – independent, sometime want more 
My script calculator (kids love)

Science – formulas difficult
PE – hate using ipads – would rather just run around

Tell us to buy apps but don’t use them

Favorite apps
My script calculator
Doc as  - draw and text boxes – everyone uses this
Noteablity – download pdfs and write on them
Language perfect
Simple mind plus – brain storming
Puffin for maths buddy 
DropBox – love over icloud
School A-Z (free) subject based searching content

Too much leaning on ipads – not enough teaching
Fallen behind in maths

So many different documents!!!
File management –OVERLOAD!
Said only 1 document for the unit but then put out 10!

Size issues – icloud fills up
Movies too big – only YouTube options

Needed time for using apps. Use time at start to get familiar. 
Lots of students sharing with each other. 

LESS CREATIVE!!! Need hands on work
Don’t want to do everything on ipad. 


Digital assessment
NZQA Future State 2012 - 2022
NZQA thinking about…
Certainly going that way - concrete plans later…
5 yrs ago – onscreen marking
looked for 18 months
Couldn’t afford it – needed to pull back for wider strategic 
Future state – digital assessment

Future scenario
Assessments when you want them. 
Other students doing same exam – asking different questions
Checks double checks makes edits
Marked and result in 48 hours. 
Assessment close to learning
When the student decides they are ready. 
Does way with end of year exams
Differentiated – atm have to fit into schedule
External assessment is for learning

3 year assessment program – teachers move in and out
“assessment anywhere anytime online”

Will need critical response – reference groups
Work in partnerships with schools

Dual assessment – paper and online

Denmark – online assessment – google available
Do we assess retained knowledge? Traditional

Time frame? 8 years
Fast enough? Knowledge doesn’t have currency

Knowledge is a currency…
As knowledge becomes easily accessible – knowledge becomes devalued
Does traditional assessment follow?
Is assessment dying?

How to measure learning?

Japanese – Kaizen – big picture but take small steps to get there. 

1:1 Technology – Richard Wells

6 weeks. New HoD tech
Need to join the party – late to it

Homework – problems associated
Site, task etc specific
No thanks – already lots of equipment

Department system for delivering technology
Doesn't completely solve but starts to

Skills and process

1 size fits all does’nt work
Set skills should be online video – at their own pace
Everything must become a video
now you only talk to one student at a time. 

I have not spoken to a class in the last year. 
Kings College – Cambridge
Best results – with no traditional teaching!
Dedicated lesson to 1 student!

Exemplar explained

Khan academy works but they trust your own stuff better
Really important it is produced by you and your faculty. 

Solves many problems

Extra workload???
How do I find time?
No extra workload – its all produced using magic!!!
iPads all Logged into Youtube channel
No minute version
Organised courses - Subscribe to channel

Student built content
Multiple teachers in the room

Free love – open source
After 4 months – GET AN IPAD

Perfect lesson – teaching without kids
Whiteboard APP: Explain everything  (no equivalent for any other device)
Apple developed stuff for schools

Camera / Explain everything / YouTube

Some processes last longer. 
Explain everything – own the video
See attached work sheet
Email no no – no one uses email anymore

App: remarks (paid write on pdf)(works in dropbox)
App: goodnote (Free)
DropBox: shared folders

Personal folders? Not for me but can be done. 
Collaboration – sharing
Naughty kids cheat – everyone can see that

Less noise – less work – more fun – more learning

The kind of teaching that you dream of. 
Cancelled timetable – you have to be in this room. 
Do physics work if you want. Etc

FaceBook – don’t want to login

Flipped classroom – heavily structured
This process de structure 


Session 1 – Flipped Classrooms (Mrs L Rubens)






Not prep for every lesson

Students must have ownership for their own learning.
Don’t mummy them – high expectations

APP: Explain Everything



Software: Screener record your computer machine
Download mp4
Upload to youtube
All capturing done online. 

Linda Rubens 

Social Media – Richard Wells

twitter & facebook