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Junior Activity Week 


In this Unit students will:

  • Listen to a variety of Rock ‘n’ Roll music and discuss which elements are being used and the effects they create in the music. ( R & B: prominent bass line, 12 bar blues chord structure, amplified guitars, sax, piano, COUNTRY & WESTERN: simple melodic lines (repetition), drum patterns, guitar strumming (vamping).
  • Research Rock ‘n’ Roll, discuss and share ideas about the purposes and functions of Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Consider the development of Rock ‘n’ Roll during the 50’s and 60’s.
  • Learn about/rehearse and perform basic chords and / or walking bass patterns in G, D and C. (Extension patterns in F)
  • Listen to and identify the sections (verse, bridge and chorus) of selected Rock ‘n’ Roll songs and the use of the 12 bar blues chord pattern.
  • In groups: rehearse, prepare and perform: “At the hop”, “Blue suede shoes”. 

Extension activities

  •       Improvise instrumental or vocal solos for breaks in the performances of: “At the hop”, “Blue suede shoes”,
  •       Compose and Notate an original melody in a Rock ‘n’ Roll style using the Blues pentatonic scale and 12 bar blues chord pattern.

Rock and Roll music (Wikipedia)                                     

At the Hop (Wikipedia)                                                                                

Blue Suede Shoes (Wikipedia)                                        

Crossroads blues (Wikipedia)                                         


Danny and the Juniors (Wikipedia)   “At the Hop”

Bill Haley and his Comets (Wikipedia)   “Rock around the clock”

Elvis Presley (Wikipedia)   “Blue suede Shoes”

Eric Clapton (Wikipedia)   “Crossroads”


  Danny and the Juniors - At the Hop

  Bill Haley & his Comets - Rock Around the Clock

     Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes

  Eric Clapton - Crossroads

Shake rattle and Roll
YEAR 9 Listening Shake rattle and Roll
YEAR 9 MUSIC Shake rattle & roll background
Yr 9 Shake Rattle & RollUnit
At the hop Bass
12 Bar Blues
BluesinC (1)
BluesinG (1)
BluesinD (1)
12 Bar Blue Extras
Blues in F - Full Score
Composition worksheet melody - Full Score
Composition worksheet melody 2 - Full Score
At the Hop
At the Hop - Acoustic Guitar - Acoustic Guitar
At the Hop - Alto Saxophone - Alto Saxophone
At the Hop - Clarinet in Bb - Clarinet in Bb
At the Hop - Piano - Piano
At the Hop Flute - Flute
At The Hop Lyrics
At the Hop - Acoustic Guitar - Acoustic Guitar
At the hop Bass
At the hop Bass
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue sheude Shoes - melody
Blue sheude Shoes - Acoustic Guitar
Blue suede Shoes - Alto Saxophone - Alto Saxophone
Blue suede Shoes - Clarinet in Bb - Clarinet in Bb
Blue suede Shoes - Flute - Flute
Blue suede Shoes - Piano - Piano
Blue suede shoes
Blue suede shoes - Full Score
BlueseudeShoes Notes
Assessment 1
Rock Around the Clock
rock around the clock Notes
Workbook rocknroll
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